C-Support – Natural Treatment For Dogs

Natural herbal remedy to help relieve symptoms  in dogs, while promoting improved energy levels, immune function and longevity

  • Promotes healthy functioning of the immune system
  • Encourages optimal energy levels and vitality in pets suffering from fatigue and weakness
  • Stimulates a normal appetite, while regulating digestive health
  • Strengthens liver health for optimal digestion, detoxification and systemic cleansing
  • Works with the body to inhibit abnormal growths arising from immune dysfunction
  • Reduces systemic inflammation while providing ongoing health support for enhanced well-being, disease resistance and longevity




C-Support is a 100% herbal formula that provides superior immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and systemic health support to both healthy and sick animals.  The premium blend of health-fortifying herbs found in C-Support can help to relieve common symptoms of immune dysfunction such as poor appetite, fatigue, impaired digestion, abnormal tissue growths, liver dysfunction, DNA damage, and general weakness.  Long-term, daily use of the herbs in C-Support is believed to promote longevity and improved cognition, making it an excellent choice for pets of all ages.

A healthy, responsive immune system is essential in protecting against illness and reducing the accompanying symptoms of disease.  A compromised immune system leaves the body vulnerable to sickness and is one of the main contributing factors to the development of diseases like cancer.  While many synthetic drugs exist to treat problems after they develop, natural approaches tend to be more effective for health maintenance and preventative purposes.  Medicinal herbs consumed daily can stimulate the immune system and help to relieve symptoms of illness, while reducing the likelihood of developing of a host of common diseases.

In addition to promoting healthy immune function, reducing inflammation is another necessary step in preventing systemic disease.  Inflammation is thought to be a significant contributing factor in the development of most common illnesses, from arthritis to c.  While a healthy diet and regular exercise should be the primary approach to reducing inflammation, there are also herbs which can provide excellent anti-inflammatory support.


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