CBD for Nasal Inflammation In Cats

CBD oil provides incredible health benefits in both humans and pets each day. It’s making headway in holistic health thanks to its ability to ease anxiety, treat epilepsy, and prevent cancer growth. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and comes in liquid form. Just like humans, cats have endocannabinoid systems that regulate functions including sleep, pain, mood, immunity, and appetite. When your pet consumes a product that contains cannabis, they are supplementing their endocannabinoid system. A similar comparison is how vitamin C boosts the body’s immune system. Cannabinoid oil should not be confused with THC or marijuana. THC creates a psychoactive effect, or a “high” and CBD does not. CBD will relieve your cat of unwanted discomfort without affecting their cognitive abilities.

CBD For Nasal Inflammation In Cats

CBD oil for nasal inflammation in cats is non-toxic and all natural way to treat their illness. Veterinarians often prescribe CBD for a cat’s swollen nose. CBD for nasal congestion in cats is also very common. It’s important to note that CBD must only be derived from the hemp plant as it is dangerous for your cats if derived from the marijuana plant.CBD for nasal congestion in cats or CBD for nasal swelling in cats is extremely beneficial. Sinusitis and rhinitis are types of nasal inflammation in cats. Both conditions cause discharge to develop, and your cats swollen nose bridge. If left untreated, bacterial infections can occur leading to a cat swollen nose. Sinusitis and rhinitis occur in both dogs and cats. Viral rhinitis is very common in kittens. Rhinitis and Sinusitis symptoms include:

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Facial deformity
  • Stuffy nose
  • Loss of appetite

Common factors that lead to rhinitis and sinusitis include:

  • Viral infections
  • Fungal disease
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Tooth root abscess
  • Parasites
  • Nasal polyps


Before prescribing CBD for a cats swollen nose, your veterinarian will examine your pet. They will likely check for any ulcers or signs of tooth root abscess. Your cat’s gums and oral tissues are tested for abnormalities and to rule out lower airway disease or hypertension. If necessary, blood work and a physical examination will be performed to identify the underlying cause of the inflammation. From there, CBD for nasal inflammation in cats is a proper course of treatment.

CBD for nasal swelling in cats is also recommended as a painkiller. Studies have proven that CBD can reduce both neuropathic and physical pain in cats. This conclusion is excellent news for cats that suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, or other joint issues. Using a variety of CBD supplements as recommended by your veterinarian, can bring down inflammation and reduce pain. This treatment will have a profound effect on your cat helping them to stay active and enjoy an improved quality of life. Before administering any brand of CBD oil, it’s essential you check with your veterinarian first.

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