How To handle separation anxiety in dogs

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How To handle separation anxiety in dogs

CBD, naturally found in hemp, could be just what you need to get a calming fix for dealing with dog anxiety. Many of us know the benefits that come with CBD as a pain manager, but you’d be surprised to learn how it can address behavioral problems as well, like canine anxiety disorder.

What are the Symptoms?

Some of the signs that your dog could have separation anxiety include:

  • Appearing stressed
  • Hyperactivity
  • Excessive drooling, panting or barking
  • Ongoing attempts to escape
  • Chewing furniture
  • Excessive barking and howling


How to Help Your Dog

You want to begin by administering small dosages of CBD to your dog over a period of weeks. As the need arises, you will want to increase it because this helps you avoid problems. You can find the best dosage for the dog and help him to overcome his condition. CBDs have been proven safe for dogs, but THC, on the other hand, can be toxic to him in high doses.


#1: Play It Cool

If you want to know how to handle separation anxiety in dogs, PetMD makes a recommendation that you learn not to pay too close of attention to your dog when he’s following you too closely. Most of these behaviors could often be said to be, “Attention seeking,” and you can modify it when you ignore it.

#2: Natural Supplements and Medication

In some cases, you can train your dog, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, you need to speak with a vet to give him Alprazolam to treat panic and anxiety disorders. You can also use Amitriptyline, which treats depression. This is also where you might use CBD treatment for separation anxiety in dogs.

#3: Exercise

You want to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise because this helps him to burn off the excess energy to manage the anxiety. These dogs will settle down much easier, but it’s also important to give your dog mental exercise as well. This will build up his patience and his self-control too.

 If you have tried what seems to be everything but nothing works, you may want to try a CBD product. It’s one of three methods that are known to help dogs suffering from this. Hemp has CBD molecules in it, and this marijuana can be grown legally because it only produces 0.3 percent THC. As a result, it won’t get your pet high, which is one of the cruelest things that you can do to an animal because they don’t understand what’s going on.
How Does CBD Work?
If you want to know how to handle separation anxiety in dogs, you might try CBD because it has proven a key factor in turning off specific functions of cells. For example, it has been known to produce serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that will lower the dog’s anxiety and improve its appetite. CBD also has anti-inflammatory benefits, and it has proven sedative properties as well when taken at higher dosages. This product has also been known to turn on immune cells so that it will work even better.
 Proven Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets
CBD has proven benefits that will lower canine anxiety symptoms. Nevertheless, researchers need further evidence to learn if this can help alleviate fear-based aggression. Canine anxiety can be a difficult condition to address, but you can learn how to take measures that will slowly reduce some of the symptoms. In severe cases, it might be necessary to combine CBD with other calming drugs and use behavioral modification techniques to help your dog overcome it.



Pups will especially suffer from separation anxiety, and you want to train this out of them as soon as possible. You can do this by not giving your dog cues that you will be leaving. Basically, you leave the house calmly. Try to establish a daily routine because dogs will feel more secure when you give them predictability. With time and patience, you can slowly train your dog to feel less separation anxiety when you leave the home. This is an important step in your dog’s growth process.

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