Top Tips for Breaking Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Top Tips for Breaking Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Dogs Are Kids, Too

Just like children, dogs are often subject to anxiety when separated from their humans. If you have a child that you had to drop off at daycare, preschool, or kindergarten for the first time, then you know that sometimes the child cries begs you not to leave, and has a hard time letting you go.

Destruction Function

Since dogs are not able to communicate in the spoken language, they exhibit other behaviors that indicate they are anxious. Destructive to your belongings or furniture, relieving themselves indoors, obsessive licking or chewing, and perhaps incessant barking or howling. These behaviors are not indicative of a ‘spoiled’ or ‘bratty’ dog, they are exhibiting anxiety and stress and do not have the ability to manage it. Just like a child throwing a tantrum, a dog does not have the knowledge or the skills required to manage their own stress. Separation anxiety in dogs does not have to be a life sentence.


Treating Bad Behaviors, Or Treating A Condition?

Fortunately, there are treatments for this behavior. Even though these behaviors are caused by stress and anxiety, it does not make it any less annoying. The fact is, many people reach their wit’s end and rehome the animal, or take it to the shelter. Breaking separation anxiety in dogs is certainly possible, whether utilizing training techniques or medications to help soothe the petrified pooch.


Achieving The Desired Outcome

One remedy that has gained traction over the last few years to successfully treat Dog separation anxiety disorder is the beneficial components of CBD oil. CBD oil treats the anxiety without any unwanted or harmful side effects. CBD Treatment for Dog separation anxiety in studies shows that it is an effective treatment to help the dog manage stress levels and prevent unwanted behaviors.



Training Techniques

Breaking separation anxiety in dogs can also be managed with training, although this takes time and patience. Consulting your veterinarian about managing and controlling unwanted destructive behaviors, crying or whining, chewing, or other habits will provide the best treatment for your pet. Often times the dog can be trained to relate pleasant things to their humans leaving, such as treats and praise. By going out the door and waiting for the dog to become anxious, and then returning with a treat, the dog learns to associate your return with good things. Additionally, giving the dog a treat that will occupy their time when you initially leave, such as a treat hiding toy, will keep them engaged in something where they may not notice you leave.

Dogs love peanut butter, and I have found that putting a glob of the delightful treat inside one of my dogs toys will keep him occupied for a long time. Always make sure the item you give them will not cause harm to the dog without supervision. Additionally, taking that special toy or treat away when you return keeps this item ‘special’, only allowed when you are not home. The dog will soon look forward to receiving that treat, more than he is worried about your absence.

CBD Oil For Stress Reduction?

Combining this training with the use of CBD oil has proven very effective in reducing stress in dogs. Dogs do not like their own bad behaviors, they want to feel safe, secure, loved and nurtured. They would much rather be playing ball with you than eating your couch. When a dog is left to his own devices, he does what he knows best. Chew, pee, bark, repeat. Stress from separation intensifies these behaviors, and providing your dog with medication to soothe him before you walk out the door allows him to calm down and learn to be by himself.


Beneficial Holistic Approach

You do not have to worry about your dog being “stoned”, either. There is no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in CBD oil, in fact, THC can be toxic to dogs, and should not be administered. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, sedative properties, anti-pain properties, reduces the growth of tumors among other benefits. Dr. Robert Silver, a licensed holistic veterinarian, has the science to back up these claims and fully believes in the healing power of CBD in dogs for many ailments, including separation anxiety and stress. As many as 40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and the healing properties of CBD oil can safely soothe your dog without the harmful effects of prescription pills or some harsh over the counter medications.


Think Like The Dog

Always remember that your dog wants to please you, and punishing your dog for being stressed or anxious is only going to intensify the behavior. Finding methods that alter the behavior, or trying a CBD regimen will likely provide a much happier and relaxed pet, and in return, a much happier human. Providing an environment that is positive when you leave, and not-so-great, when you return, will also help with the stressed behavior.

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